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   2021/2022 Application for Masters Program - Currently : Closed! - Deadline: 30-Oct-2020

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                                          INVITATION TO APPLY FOR ADMISSION INTO 


The Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy invites applications for admission into Master of Art (MA) in Human Resource Management Degree programme for Academic year 2019/2020. The MA. HRM programme aims at providing both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in order to produce qualified and competent human resource practitioners who are prepared to take on roles in Tanzania and global modern organizations. Specifically, the programme intends to enable graduates to identify, integrate and apply a body of knowledge and set of techniques in the management processes. Similarly, the programme aims at preparing human resources workers who are competent in the application of knowledge, skills and attitudes in operational areas. The programme also aims at empowering graduates with knowledge and skills on leadership, ethics, entrepreneurship and research and consultancy.

Mode and Duration: The MA.HRM is a regular programme that will be run for four (4) semesters. Two semesters will be for course work in class and field whereas the two other semesters will be for dissertation. For details about the programme and fee structure please visit our website The programme is scheduled to commence on 10th February, 2020.



Direct Entry Qualification:

  1. A candidate must hold at least a second class bachelors degree or advanced diploma in any field (s) of study from recognized institutions of higher learning.
  2. A candidate with PASS Degree/Advanced diploma will also be considered by the Academy upon producing evidence of having obtained an examined postgraduate or professional qualification from approved bodies.
  3. A candidate who holds unclassified degrees should have an average credit of B or above. A candidate holding a degree or advanced diploma whose classification is not easily distinguished by the Academy shall be required to have his or her qualifications clarified by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) before being considered for admission.



Applications should be done online at For additional information please contact the Head of Postgraduate Department, The Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy, P.O. Box 9193, Dar es Salaam or visit the Academy website: or Tel. +255-22- 2820041/47.

Application Fee: Non-refundable TShs. 50,000/= Deadline 31th, January, 2020.



A referee report form must be confidentially filled by three referees and mailed  to [email protected] or submitted at the postgraduate office of the Academy during registration. Download the referee form at the link below:


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Kwa Msaada Piga namba zifuatazo: FOR DAR ES SALAAM CAMPUS;- 0714472751 | 0784539496 | 0787531043 | FOR ZANZIBAR : +255 621102448 | +255 714610904 |

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